Boots Boots Boots!

Booties are one of my favorite types of shoes, mainly because they are so versatile! They can be worn with skirts, but often have heels that are good for ensuring your slacks dont drag on the ground. They are often associated with the colder months, but because they do not go as high on your leg, they can be worn during the warmer months as well.

Some of the following booties are vegan, and some are made of leather. I know many people have very strong opinions about both. But I am here to give both sides options that are made fairly, well and as sustainably as possible.


  1. These faux suede boots are made by Matt & Nat. They are vegan and feature a pointed toe. I used to love a skinny heel, but as I have gotten older I find chunky heels, like the ones on these shoes are best for a day at the office.
  2. These Peep-Toes, by Toms Shoes, come in over 10 different colors including grey, blue, metallic and white. They also come in different designs. These shoes are made of leather and suede. These shoes are perfect for a day at the office, or a night on the town!
  3. These shoes are also by Toms Shoes. They are suede, and come in Beige and Black. Their distinctive wrap around tie is what keeps these shoes on as there is no zipper on this shoe.
  4. Fortress of Inca’s leather boots create a smooth, and polished look. These do not have a zipper either, and have a stacked wooden heel. They are made in Peru, by artisans, and you will feel the quality when you wear them. They come in two colors, Black and Rust.

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