Fair Trade in Your Favorite Stores

When first looking for clothes that are fair trade, it can seem like there are almost no options. Most retail stores do not have a section just for Fair Trade. But don’t be disheartened! Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to find ethically made goods in your local retail store than you first imagined.

Almost all retail stores, have an online search function. You can use this to search for items that are listed as fair trade. For some stores, such as Nordstrom, it will be that easy. For others, you will have to do multiple searches.

I also search for items made in countries I know to have laws and policies that protect the worker. For example, on Nordstrom’s website “Made in USA” brings up over 10,000 options that includes makeup, candles, clothes, shoes, etc. Made in Canada brings up 153 items, appropriately most of them are fluffy coats. Made in UK has 862 options.

Other stores, such as Modcloth, have a dedicated section for clothes Made in the USA. In these instances, I just save this section on my computer so I do not need to search for it every time I want to shop there.

Finally, I also look at the sustainable sections that Asos and H&M produce. While these may not meet the demands of purist fair trade shoppers, I believe that we can “vote” with our money. And when we shop Asos’ Made in Kenya, or H&M’s conscious line we show these major fashion brands what is important to us and what we are willing to spend our money on, and most importantly where they should expand. While this topic deserves it’s own discussion, these stores are an option any shopper should at least consider.

I hope this helps all my fashionistas out there, and hope it makes your search for fair trade a little bit easier!

Top 4 Favorite Made in America Brands

Want to wear fashion made in the USA? Want to wear it to work? These brands have you covered.

  1. Amour Vert – Are you a fan of silk dresses? Me to! And luckily Amour Vert has us covered. After you’re done browsing their delicious dresses, don’t forget to look at their shoes, bags, jewelry, and home goods. They literally have it all!


2. Karen Kane – Unlike some of the other brands on this list, Karen Kane can often be found in your local department store. They always have beautiful blouses, and shift dresses that are perfect for the office.


3. Michael Stars – Michael Stars can also be found in stores such as Nordstrom. His website has a specific section for the items made in America, so you don’t have to search. If you’re looking for a clean silhouette, this is your shop. I will definitely be adding a couple of his sweaters to my wardrobe.


4. Pendleton – Known for their wool products, you will always find well made suits in an array of color. My favorites are their all-season pencil skirts. Not only does it come in 8 different colors, but it’s wrinkle resistant! And if your office is as cold as mine, their wool blankets will be guaranteed to keep you warm.


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Michael Stars: Classic American style for the Office.

Michael Stars is a California based brand known for their laid back style.  Originally, they were focused on creating the perfect T-shirt. As the brand has grown, so has their style. There are now a number of items that are suitable for both the office and the weekend. With a mix of everyday basics as well as some modern trends, these Made in America tops are guaranteed to remain in heavy rotation for years.

  1. This sleeveless, cowl -neck top is available in three different colors (white, black and grey). It is 58% cotton, and made in the USA. While it may be getting cooler outside, it has a classic silhouette that will stay in style for a long time. Don’t hesitate to grab this piece
  2. This long sleeve top features a neck tie, and comes in 2 colors (burgundy and oxide or grey). Made of a jersey material, and in the USA, it will keep you warm as the days get colder. The curved hemline is perfect for tucking into trousers or skirts.
  3. The next sweater has a mock neck and elbow length sleeves. This pullover comes only in black. It is made of 97% rayon, and 3% spandex. This versatile top will look great with jeans and trousers!
  4. The previous tops have had very classic silhouettes. This top is a bit more modern with bell sleeves and a unique print. It is made in the USA of 100% rayon. Apparently, there are also matching trousers for a pajama-style look.
  5. This long sleeve turtleneck is available in blue, grey, and olive. It is made of 97% rayon, and 3% spandex. It is a ribbed, fitted top that is described as very soft.

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Friday News


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  1. I love finding new jewelry and accessory brands, and Literally Nataly has a great roundup of 5 sustainable and ethical brands you have to check out!
  2. I can’t watch horror movies, but for some reason love horror books. Bustle has rounded up 8 new books I can’t wait to read.
  3. I keep hearing about how wonderful and life-changing meditation can be, but I’ve never been able to find a style that works for me. As it turns out, I may not have been practicing a style that works for me. The Chalkboard explains which type of meditation is best for different personalities.
  4. A vegan reuben? Yes please!

Made in America Plaid

Fall (or Autumn, if that’s what you prefer) has officially arrived! And for me, that means plaid, plaid and more plaid! For those of you unfamiliar with plaid, or Tartan, it is a cloth featuring a checkered pattern, and made famous by Scottish Highlanders. Traditionally, it was made of wool but has been frequently made of lighter materials in warmer climates.

In the United States, Plaid became popular in the 1800’s where it then took on a life of it’s own. Legend has it that the buffalo check pattern (red and black) got it’s name from the creator who was rumored to have his own herd of pet buffalo. This pattern became associated with woodsman and the outdoors after the fabled Paul Bunyan was depicted wearing this plaid. In the 1950’s the Beach Boys, formerly the Pendletons, were frequently pictured wearing plaid, and once again made this pattern a staple in American households where it has had a treasured place ever since.

The following dresses are a far cry from the original woodsman aesthetic. Both have decidedly girly touches, embroidered flowers on one, and ruffle hem on the other. The grey and black tones are also much more muted than the famous buffalo plaid. While these patterns may once have been designed for the woods, they are now perfect for the office.

  1. This Karen Kane dress is Made in the USA, and is covered in blue embroidered flowers. It is made of 70% cotton, and is dry clean only. It is currently available in XS-XL.
  2. This Pendleton dress is also made in the USA. It is made of 100% wool, and lined in Polyester. It features a ruffle him, has a zipper closure, and is also dry clean only. It is available in sizes between 2-18.

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Totes (and backpacks) for the Office

Matt & Nat offer a plethora of ethical, work friendly bags. These bags are Vegan, and made in a SA8000 compliant factory, which ensures ethical working conditions for over 2 million employees. Matt & Nat use vegan leather, as well as recycled Nylon, cork and rubber to make their bags, but these beautiful bags are so well made no one will be able to tell their not leather!

  1. The Simoni Handbag, comes in Allure (blue), Cement (featured), Fig, Black, and Clay (rose). This satchel bag features a magnetic flap and comes with a removable strap (not shown).
  2. The Gloria is offered in both Small and Large sizes. Both sizes are offered in the 5 colors listed above (showing in the clay color). This satchel zips at the top, and also comes with a removable strap (not shown). Matt & Nat states the large bag can fit a 13″ laptop.
  3. This doctor handbag also has a zip closure, and comes with a removable strap (not shown).
  4. The Mumbai backpack is also available in Small and Large, and available in the same 5 colors from above. The back straps are adjustable. It features a drawstring closure, and flap.
  5.  The Oxton briefcase is available in three classic colors, Oxton (featured), Black, and Olive. It also comes with a removable strap (not shown), and has a magnetic closure for the main compartment. It features a padded, 15″ laptop sleeve.
  6. Finally, the Cara. Available in both Small and Large. Both sizes come in Black, Emerald, Charcoal, Chili (brown), and Rio (burgundy). This tote bag also comes with an adjustable strap (not shown), and has a metal zipper.

This post contains affiliate links and Work Hard Shop Fair may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Thank you so much for your support!

Friday News

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  1. I’ve been following the Mississippi Vegan on Instagram for a long time! I doubt my cooking will ever look as nice as his, but I can’t wait to grab his cookbook!
  2. Corporette had a great conversation this week about what we keep private at work and why.
  3. The girls at the Financial Diet offer some great tips on how to maximize the wardrobe you currently have.
  4. The Peahen has a fantastic article on Colonialism, fashion, and what we can do about both.