Jewelry for the Office

It is common knowledge that jewelry can really pull an outfit together, and completely change your look. For whatever reason, jewelry is the thing that I rarely buy for myself. Maybe it’s because it tends to be more expensive than a single blouse. Maybe it’s because jewelry is smaller. Or maybe it’s because those counters can be very intimidating.

I’m making a conscious effort to plug the holes in my jewelry collection, and I have my eyes set on the following pieces, which all happen to be made in America!

Both of these necklaces are by Carolyn Pollack, and both are two-toned. I know two-toned necklaces can be a bit divisive. But I like that I can wear either gold toned or silver earrings, and the necklace will always match! The one on the left is 18″ long and is made of brass and silver links. The necklace on the left is 15″ and has rose-gold flowers, silver chain, and pearls.

I LOVE charm bracelets, but the process of getting all the individual charms has always been a hassle to me. This Alex and Ani bracelet has taken all the work out! It’s spartan nature is a bit more relaxing to the eye than the traditional charm bracelets, and more up to date as well. This bracelet is made out of recycled materials, and is also made in the USA.

I have days where I need to dress super conservatively to not offend a particular client or judge. The design on these studs by Carolyn Pollack have enough pizzazz to add interest to the most conservative outfits while still being appropriate. And I am looking forward to these dangly earrings by Alex and Ani on the days I can add a little more flavor.

What jewelry pieces do you have your eyes on?


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