Made in America Plaid

Fall (or Autumn, if that’s what you prefer) has officially arrived! And for me, that means plaid, plaid and more plaid! For those of you unfamiliar with plaid, or Tartan, it is a cloth featuring a checkered pattern, and made famous by Scottish Highlanders. Traditionally, it was made of wool but has been frequently made of lighter materials in warmer climates.

In the United States, Plaid became popular in the 1800’s where it then took on a life of it’s own. Legend has it that the buffalo check pattern (red and black) got it’s name from the creator who was rumored to have his own herd of pet buffalo. This pattern became associated with woodsman and the outdoors after the fabled Paul Bunyan was depicted wearing this plaid. In the 1950’s the Beach Boys, formerly the Pendletons, were frequently pictured wearing plaid, and once again made this pattern a staple in American households where it has had a treasured place ever since.

The following dresses are a far cry from the original woodsman aesthetic. Both have decidedly girly touches, embroidered flowers on one, and ruffle hem on the other. The grey and black tones are also much more muted than the famous buffalo plaid. While these patterns may once have been designed for the woods, they are now perfect for the office.

  1. This Karen Kane dress is Made in the USA, and is covered in blue embroidered flowers. It is made of 70% cotton, and is dry clean only. It is currently available in XS-XL.
  2. This Pendleton dress is also made in the USA. It is made of 100% wool, and lined in Polyester. It features a ruffle him, has a zipper closure, and is also dry clean only. It is available in sizes between 2-18.

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